Saturday, March 04, 2006

"Sons Without Umblical Cords..."

The other day I was reading this about the Filipino culture:

"A cultural curtain was drawn between father and son. The old was steeped in Hispanic traditions. The new was a product of what was then called the 'violent saxonisation' of the youth. The former became 'fathers who had begotten no children;' the latter, 'sons without umblical cords..." (From Alejandro R. Roces, "From Spanish to English", The Sunday Times, 15th March 1958.)

This is a comment made in 1958. Imagine what the west-dominated modern mass media is doing to youth in large parts of Asia today -- creating Asian sons/daughters without umbical cords to Asia or more accurately Asian sons/daughters with umbical cords attached to America (or to the American way of life)!