Sunday, January 08, 2006

BBC and PM Sharon

I have been for sometime now watching (forced to watch, in a sense) BBC world news.

BBC's coverage of PM Sharon health status is really a great case study to make sense of how this network works. First, it seems to be "obsessed" with PM Sharon and last couple of days, that is its main headline news. Next it tries to promote the idea that the "world attention is focussed on PM Sharon". Just check out cursorily the national media around the regions of the world, either print or electronic, and you will realise that the world is not focussed on Israel or Sharon. You will see that the BBC is focussed on Sharon...It may want the world to be focussed on him but the world simply isn't. Yes, people around world may know about it to varying extent; that is all.

BBC simply lies through its numerous rather serious, committed, on-the-scene reporters who speak as if they are sharing with you an event that will make or break the world, that will destroy our everyday life everywhere. And with the help of technology, they are able to build an "EVENT" with a one familar narrative : grave illness of a leader (and possible death)-- perceived chaos -- absence of similar kind of leader to continue -- scramble for leadership -- "good guy" and "bad guy" opinions of the leader -- further perceived chaos -- "WHAT DO WE DO NOW?" -- Confusion and panic. Of course, there will be a real "solution" to this. And of course, BBC will inform us of that. And of course it will move on to help the world focus on events it focusses on and encourage you and I to be obssessed with what it is obsessed about.


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