Tuesday, August 16, 2005

SMS/Texting Abuse

SMS/texting has become an important way of communicating in most parts of Urban Asia. It is useful in many ways but it can also be abused. The "help a suffering child" abuse that email was used yesterday has come to the mobile phone and texting/sms.

So I received a text message yesterday (16th August) from a friend:

"Help me sms as much as u can. God bles. u. TQ. Urgent! Child 4 years old.....need "O" negative blood at.......Hospital...."

I tried contacting the hospital. No website. Ok. I tried the telephone directory. No luck. I called the telephone directory help. I was told that there was no such hospital...I tried contacting my friend about her sms. She said she received it from a friend, who received it from a friend....So where does this take us?

The economic system we live in seems to help generate so many ingenious ways of "making money". 100 % for creativity. 0 % for morality.