Thursday, April 28, 2005

If the salt loses its savour

Essay by Sashi Kumar: If the salt loses its savour: The media may be corporatised. But journalism must be at the centre of it

Full article: Click Here (or the title above). (Tehelka: The People's Paper)


Augy recently returned from Europe after attending a SIGNIS World meeting. While having a conversation with him in a taxi in Kuala Lumpur (KL--27-4-05), he used a word that sounded strange-and-familiar at the same time. So Canute (of CahayaSuara Communication Centre in KL), asked what the word was. Augy uttered the word again: "faci-pulation".

Wow ! A new word...Instantly we realised the word described certain person(s) in the NGO/civil society sector rather accurately. "Faci-pulation" describes "faci-litation" that subtly aims at "mani-pulation". Thus, it involves a faci-litator who mani-pulates or a mani-pulative faci-litator.

I think the word is copyright free. It is actually copyleft-enabled. Go forth and spread it !!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

The New Multitaskers


The World of ACN: A Common Sight in Urban Asia.

The growing bespectacled, t-shirt and jeans wearing young of Asia, playing video games on a handphone while adults are busy attending to other "more important" things. A generation of multi-taskers is being created for whom the new Information and Communication Technologies are merely an extention of its Being.