Sunday, March 27, 2005

The ACN E-Institute

Dear Team,

Easter is a good day to start something. I have taken it as a challenge to start the ACN E-Institute at: (a free web hosting service).

The ACN E-Institute will organise communication/media-related online courses, building them basically with web resources. I have created the first course entitled: Beyond the Mass Media.

The courses at the ACN E-Institute will have the following structure:

(1) Title of course
(2) Modules that make up the course ( about 3 -- 5).
(3) Each main module will have a set of critical web resources (URLs of about 10 sites).
(4) The modules will be organised in a sequence calling the "Learning Path".
(5) Each course is expected to be a growing, interactive enterprise, with inputs from users.
(6) Eventually the courses are expected to be collectively owned by ACN and the users.
(7) There are no tests or examination to pass.
(8) The course is purely self-paced and voluntary effort at learning communication issues.

This is a trial run of another service we can offer that does not cost much money. Hope you will have a look at it and start building it or other courses. Your support is critical.



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And are the tidings true?
Yes, we beheld the Savior bleed,
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